An NFL Team Map That Takes You Through The History Of NFL Teams
Jack·Nov 22, 2023


As the cradle of sports, the United States hosts many alluring sporting events. Among them, the NFL (National Football League) is undoubtedly one of the most prominent sports leagues. This blog will take you on a passionate NFL journey, using this NFL team map to help you understand the history, culture and honors of each team.

NFL Team Overview

The NFL encompasses 32 teams from all over, divided into the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). They are referred to as the AFC and NFC for short. Each conference has four divisions - East, West, South, and North - with four teams in each.

NFL Team Map

From Boston in the north to Miami in the south, from the east and west coasts to the inland Midwest, the NFL teams are spread across the vast geography of America. The Green Bay Packers near the Great Lakes, the Detroit Lions representing the auto industry, the passionate Dallas Cowboys, the distinctive teams and stadiums form this NFL team map.


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History and Fun Facts about Some Famous Stadiums

Lambeau Field - Green Bay Packers

Fun Fact: Lambeau Field is the only NFL stadium named after an individual person - the Packers' founder, coach, GM and captain, Vince Lombardi. It's affectionately called "The Frozen Tundra" by fans.
Historic Moments: Lambeau Field has witnessed many legendary moments for the Packers, including the 1967 "Ice Bowl" Championship and the Packers' 1997 Super Bowl victory.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - Los Angeles Chargers

Fun Fact: The LA Coliseum hosted the first-ever Super Bowl game. It was also the site for Super Bowls II and VII.
Historic Moments: As a historic landmark, the Coliseum has seen countless iconic events beyond football, like the 1984 Olympics and 9/11 memorial.

AT&T Stadium - Dallas Cowboys

Fun Fact: AT&T Stadium has one of the largest domed stadiums globally, earning the nickname "Jerry's World" for its mammoth central screen.
Historic Moments: The stadium first hosted the Super Bowl in 2011 as the Cowboys' home turf. Its lavish amenities and eye-catching design make it a marquee venue.

Empower Field at Mile High - Denver Broncos

Fun Fact: Located in Denver, this stadium is the only NFL stadium above one mile in elevation, hence the "Mile High" distinction.
Historic Moments: Mile High Stadium has seen many of the Broncos' glories, including their 1997 and 1998 Super Bowl wins.

Team Features and Historic Achievements

On this NFL journey, we'll delve deeper into some prominent teams. Whether traditional powerhouses or rising newcomers, each team has a unique culture and history. Let's explore their characteristics, historic accomplishments, honors, and some unforgettable stars.

New England Patriots

Culture & Characteristics:
The Patriots are known for tactical game planning and teamwork. They persevere with a "never give up" attitude and emphasize collective strength. Their culture stresses team cohesion and relentless pursuit of victory.

  • Super Bowl Championships (6): 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, 2018
  • AFC Championships (11)
  • AFC East Division Championships (21)

Famous Players: Tom Brady
Considered one of the greatest NFL QBs ever. Led the Patriots dynasty.

Green Bay Packers

Culture & Characteristics:
The Packers' unique fan-owned structure gives fans opportunities for deep engagement, forming a tight-knit, familial culture. They emphasize traditional values and close fan ties.

  • Super Bowl Championships (4): 1966, 1967, 1996, 2010
  • NFC Championships (9)
  • NFC North Division Championships (14)

Famous Players: Bart Starr
One of the Packers' most legendary QBs. Led them to their first two Super Bowl wins.

Dallas Cowboys

Culture & Characteristics:
The Cowboys are among the NFL's most prestigious and valuable teams. Their iconic logo and "America's Team" moniker are cultural totems representing a strong sense of national pride. They emphasize brand-building beyond the field.

  • Super Bowl Championships (5): 1971, 1977, 1992, 1993, 1995
  • NFC Championships (10)
  • NFC East Division Championships (24)

Famous Players: Emmitt Smith
One of the greatest NFL running backs ever. Key to the Cowboys' 90s Super Bowl runs.

NFL Season Events and Schedule

Understanding the key events and schedule of the NFL season will help you plan your NFL journey. From preseason to the Super Bowl, every segment brims with excitement and anticipation.

  1. Super Bowl LV

    • Date: February 11, 2024
    • Location: Allegiant Stadium, Tampa, Florida
  2. NFL Preseason

    • Timeframe: August to September 2023
    • Overview: Four preseason games for teams to test and tune their rosters.
  3. NFL Regular Season

    • Timeframe: September 2023 to January 2024
    • Overview: 17 regular season games with alternating home and away games for each team.
  4. NFL Playoffs

    • Timeframe: January to February 2024
    • Overview: Single-elimination playoff tournament including Wild Card, Divisional, and Championship Games.


In this NFL team map tour, we briefly explored the characteristics, history and culture of each team. If this blog has sparked your passion for the NFL, follow this map to discover the story of each team, and catch a live game. You can use exping to plan your travel route and record the story between you and your favorite team!

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