Apr 10, 2024

web 0.6.jpgThe 0.6 web version brings a brand new Area feature for map creation.

The Area feature allows curators to create unique geographic areas on the map in a more intuitive and flexible way, breaking the limitation of creating only places and routes.


  • Area: Support freely adding closed areas of any shape.
  • Area Calculation: Support instantly calculating the area size.
  • Display Area Info: Support displaying area name and size on the map.
  • Area Colors: Support changing area colors to identify different contents.
  • Share: Support displaying area-related content in shared maps.


  • Support customizing the area size unit display in settings.
  • A keyboard shortcut reference is added to the map editor.

Currently, the Area feature is only available on the web version.

Learn more about the exping Web 0.6 version →